FBS 2015 – Liverpool, UK


The 12th biennial Footwear Biomechanics Symposium (FBS) of the International Society of Biomechanics Footwear Biomechanics Group (FBG) was held in Liverpool from July 8 – 10 2015. It preceded the ISB Congress, held in Glasgow from July 11 – 16. The conference was organized by Mark Lake from Liverpool John Moores University and Kris D’Aout from the University of Liverpool. They were supported by the FBG[1]chairpersons Toni Arndt, Stefan Grau and Wolfgang Potthast and by Ned Frederick, the editor of Footwear Science, the official scientific journal of the FBG.

In total 248 delegates from over 20 countries visited the symposium, with 111 papers being submitted and 99 oral talks and posters presented at the symposium. Two keynote lecturers were invited; Darren Stefanyshyn from the University of Calgary (Footwear Research: Where do we go from here?) shared his vision on current and future footwear research while Max Donelan from Simon Fraser University (Control of Energy Minimization in Human Locomotion) talked on a topic, which was not (yet) directly related to footwear research but inspired the whole group.

The support of more than 15 dedicated sponsors and exhibitors enabled the organizers and FBS to create a wonderful atmosphere for high-level scientific exchange in the John Lennon building, which seemed to be tailor[1]made for the FBS. Located in the center of Liverpool it provided excellent opportunities for poster and oral presentations, personal discussions, and networking. The professional scientific exchange on footwear biomechanics and biomechanics, in general, was continued extensively after the conference hours in local pubs and bars around the venue and sometimes drifted into more philosophical scientific discussions.

Traditionally networking and social events have been strengths of the meeting: For the fourth time, the FBS soccer game under the supervision of a professional referee took place, before parts of the group visited Anfield Road, home of the Liverpool Football Club.

The closing banquet was held in the unique atmosphere of the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool. The Wickermen, a local rock band from Liverpool, took care of the musical entertainment with the special guest Martyn Shorten from Portland, Oregon.

The 12 Footwear Biomechanics Symposium was a perfectly organized, diversified, and versatile meeting, which got footwear scientists together, inspired our community, led to new or intensified existing valuable cooperation and it maintained the briskness of FBG. The FBG will be present at the congress of the International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community (i-FAB) in Berlin 2016 and is looking forward to the next FBS in 2017 at Gold Coast, Australia, hosted by Peter Milburn and the Griffith University.

Major Sponsors:


$25,000 Nike Award

Awarded to: Steffen Willwacher

Paper: The free moment in running and its relationship to joint loading and injury risk  

Benno Nigg Award for Applied Research ($1000US)

Presented by adidas International

Awarded to: Chris Bishop, Susan Hillier & Dominic Thewlis

Paper: A preliminary investigation of the immediate effects of footwear and custom foot orthotics on the foot in patients with plantar fasciopathy

Peter Cavanagh Award for Basic Research ($1000US)

Presented by Nike, Inc.

Awarded to: Christian Maiwald, Jasmin Gaudel, Anna Dannemann & Doris Oriwol

Paper: Movement variability in recreational outdoor running

Martyn Shorten Award for Innovation ($1000US)

Presented by Rs Scan International

Awarded to: Jennifer Baltich, Carolyn Emery, Darren Stefanyshyn & Benno Nigg Paper: The influence of ankle strength exercise training on running injury risk factors.

Edward “Ned” Frederick Young Investigator Award ($1000US)

Presented by Li-Ning, Ltd.

 Awarded to: Hendrik Enders, Jordyn Vienneau, Elias Tomaras, Harald Koerger, Sandro Nigg & Benno Nigg

Paper: Soccer shoe bending stiffness significantly alters game-specific physiology in a 25-minute continuous field-based protocol.

Alex Stacoff Award for Methodology ($1000US)

Presented by ASICS, Corp.

Awarded to: Scott Telfer, James Woodburn & Peter Cavanah

Paper: Footwear embedded ultrasonography to determine plantar soft tissue properties for finite element simulations

Young Investigator Award ($1000US)

Presented by New Balance

Awarded to: Ryan Madden, Masanori Sakaguchi, John Wannop & Darren Stefanyshyn

Paper: Forefoot bending stiffness, running economy, and kinematics during overground running