FBS 2011 – Tubingen, Germany


The Tenth Biennial Footwear Biomechanics Symposium in Tübingen was organized by the Department of Sports Medicine of the University Clinic Tübingen with help from the Department of Sport Science of the University of Tübingen and the University of Essen (Prof. Hennig) and Chemnitz University of Technology (Prof. Milani).

For the 2011 Symposium, we received a record number of 116 abstract submissions, which has led to an all-time high number of 42 original oral papers and 51 posters at the conference. 20% of the submitted abstracts were rejected which helped to maintain the high quality of papers we had during the previous conferences. Overall, we had three full days of scientific program.

A Footwear Symposium record was the attendance; we welcomed 266 participants in 2011, whereas 44% came from Academia, 30% from Industry and 26% Students. We had participants from every continent and from 25 countries at the 2011 Symposium: 60% of the participants came from Europe, followed by 19% from North America, followed by 15% from Asia, and followed 5% from Australia/NZ. Finally 1% from South Africa/South America.

It was exciting to see the rising level of interest in the Footwear Group, and in footwear-related research in general. We had a broad spectrum of excellent research topics, and more than 100 presentations, including exciting keynote lectures from Prof. Daniel Lieberman about “The evolution of the human foot” and from Prof. Leah Bent about “A role of individual skin receptors in balance and locomotion – receptor specificity?”. Furthermore, we had two invited sessions in 2011, one discussing the possibilities and problems from foot measure to footwear. The other invited session was about Instability shoes – What difference do they make?

For the first time in FBS history, there was a student tutorial with Prof. Vinzenz von Tscharner on the topic of wavelet analysis. Moreover, there were three poster sessions with oral presentations, with prizes to be awarded for “Best Poster” and “Young Investigator Poster”. New was our partnership with the International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community (i-FAB), which organized a scientific session at the symposium (Foot & Foot Morphology). This partnership continued into the 2012 i-FAB Congress in Sydney, Australia, where the Footwear Biomechanics Group organized a footwear-related session.

 Special thanks to all of our major sponsors – Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Busan Footwear Center, LiNing, MBT, Nike, Puma, RSScan – and welcome our additional sponsors and industrial exhibitors. They made it possible to attend the symposium at reasonable costs and also allowed us to host three great evening events (Welcome Reception at the Kelter; Swabian Evening and Banquet at Bebenhausen Monastery).

Chairperson of the ISB Footwear Biomechanics Group Organizing Committee FBS Tübingen 2011

Stefan Grau


Congratulations to the following award winners at the 10th Footwear Biomechanics Symposium Tubingen 2011.

Nike Award for Athletic Footwear Research

Geng Luo & Darren Stefanyshyn Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, Canada

Identification of critical traction values for maximum athletic performance

Peter Cavanagh Award for Basic Research presented by Nike, Inc

Trampas Tenbrook, P. Rodrigues, S. Murphy & J. Hamill

Cushioning mode and magnitude affect treadmill running kinematics  

Ned Frederick Young Investigator Award presented by Li Ning, Ltd

Kathryn Mills, P. Blanch & B.G. Vicenzino

Clinical efficacy of comfortable in-shoe foot orthoses has no association neuromotor adaptations during gait in people with anterior knee pain: A randomised control trial

Benno Nigg Award for Applied Research presented by adidas International

Bridget Munro, K. Mickle & J. Steele

Can flexible shoes improve function in the older foot?

Martyn Shorten Award for Innovation presented by RS Scan International

Lee, W. M. Chen, V.P.W. Shim, S.B. Park

Assessment of regional plantar shear forces at sub-MTH pad/foot-supporting interface in walking

Alex Stacoff Award for Methodology presented by Asics

Jens Heidenfelder, T. Sterzing & T. Milani

Running shoe properties during age: a comparison of two different approaches

Young Investigator Poster Award presented by Brooks

Bill Wannop, G. Luo & D. Stefanyshyn

Footwear traction and lower extremity non-contact injury –

Most Impactful Poster Award presented by New Balance, Inc

Edwardo Murakami, M. Hatanaka & M. Mochimaru

Development of 3 axis spike force sensor and design of an asymmetric golf shoe outer sole