FBS 1999 – Canmore, Canada


The Fourth Symposium on Footwear Biomechanics was held as a satellite meeting of the XVIIth Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics. The symposium was held in Canmore, Canada, August 5-7, 1999. The meeting attracted 109 participants who witnessed a strong scientific program with over 40 oral presentations.

Keynote presentations were provided by Dr. Joe Hamill on the “Evaluation of Shock Attenuation” and Dr. Thomas Milani on “Perception – The Relationship of Biomechanical and Subjective Data”. An invited symposium on “Biomechanically Driven Developments in Sport Shoe Technology” was presented by Dr. Martyn Shorten and Yasunori Kaneko.


The organizing committee would like to thank the following major sponsors for their generous support of the Symposium: Nike Inc., adidas International USA, Mizuno Corp. and Converse Inc. Their contributions provided financial support for the 21 student registrants, allowed reduced registration fees for all participants and presented funding for the awards.

Scientific Awards

Applied Research Prize presented by Adidas International

Anton Arndt, P. Westblad, I. Ekenman, A. Lundberg

“A Comparison of In Vivo Local Metatarsal Deformation Wearing Two Different Military Boots”

Basic Research Prize presented by Nike, Inc.

Martyn Shorten, B. Xia, T. Eng, D. Johnson

“In-shoe Pressure Distribution: An Alternative Approach to Analysis”

Young Investigator Prize presented by Mizuno Corp.

Thorsten Sterzing, E. Hennig

“Measurement of Plantar Pressures, Rearfoot Motion, and Tibial Shock during Running 10km on a 400m Track”


Conference Chair:

Darren Stefanyshyn, The University of Calgary, Canada

Advisory Board:

Ewald Hennig, University of Essen, Germany

Gordon Valiant, NIKE Sport Research Laboratory, Beaverton, USA

Dirk de Clerq, University of Gent, Belgium

Joe Hamill, University of Massachussetts, USA

Yasunori Kaneko, Mizuno Corporation, Osaka, Japan

Mario Lafortune, NIKE Sport Research Laboratory, Beaverton, USA

Mark Lake, Liverpool John Moore’s University, UK

Keith Williams, University of California, Davis, USA